The Meniscal Consensus Project – ESSKA Outlines Guidelines for Managing Meniscal Tears

March 31, 2016

Arthroscopic partial meniscectomy is one of the most popular orthopaedic procedures, especially in the field of degenerative meniscus lesions (DML). Recent publications stated that non-operative treatments have similar results to arthroscopic surgery. Several editorials and letters have been published either by medical physicians or orthopaedic surgeons in the defence of their own practice. These exchanges are confusing and have not been useful to the clinician.

In making treatment decisions. Therefore, there was a need for a more uniform and clear message and the treatment of DML should be related to both scientific evidence and clinical expertise.

ESSKA decided to develop a Meniscus Consensus Project at the European level with goal to propose a “framework” rather than strict guidelines. This project has been set up according to the so called “Formal Consensus Project” in which more than 80 European physicians, surgeons and scientists have been involved.

We hope the following recommendations will take into account these messages, avoid any conflicting or political statements, and provide a well balanced treatment algorithm with a place for both non-operative and arthroscopic treatment in the orthopaedic armamentarium.

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